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Bio - Michel Rembold

Michel Rembold is a member of the Academies Advisory Council and a visiting teacher, in leading our master-class and summer camp events. Below his biography regarding around teaching accomplished. More info can be found on his wikipedia page.


Whilst performance and recording were a big part of his life, he has become a very renowned teacher and director of several piano and music institutes. For more than 20 years, he was a member of the Swiss Academy for music-pedagogy (SAMD) and a trainer for professional pianists at the Swiss pedagogical association (SAMP).


In 2007, he founded several new piano institutes in different Swiss cities, which quickly became renowned on a national basis. The schools’ teaching pedagogies differ significantly from other pedagogues, with practical imitation-based performing and modern concert practices at their core. As of 2022, there are Piano Institute Fréderic Chopin in Basel, Zürich, Lucerne, Affoltern Am Albis, Uster, Jona-Rapperswil, alongside the Tone-Conservatory Basel which offers similar methodologies for string and woodwind instruments. In 2023 he also plans to open a location in the Middle East.


The schools’ teaching methods are derived from the methodologies from Fréderic Chopin. Of particular note is the method that Rembold developed and calls the natural showcasing methodology. This very praxis-orientated teaching distinguished itself quickly and successfully. The schools methodology has gained international praise from around the world and some former students have even achieved international recognition as either successful concert pianists or piano teachers themselves. Out of these reasons, the institutes have become an important benchmark and center for comprehensive pianistic training in Switzerland.



24 Études & Masterclasses

Rembold is one of the world’s leading pianists in the 24 Études of Fréderic Chopin. His comprehensive solution-systems are integral to the mastery of these works, and are more than 600 pages in length. As Rembold himself said on these methods: ‘my systems are concepts, tricks and recipes for the mastery of their extraordinary difficulty with the greatest virtuosity possible. Magical and dexterous hands have a reason to be as they are!’



Upcoming International activity

Rembold plans to take his teaching methods and experience international in the coming years. Through his master-classes which are being planned around the world, he in particular wishes to share his solutions to the Chopin’s 24 Études.


Rembold also plans to open a Fréderic Chopin institute in the middle East in 2023, with the goal to bring traditional and world-renowned European teaching concepts and pianism to the Middle East

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