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Artistic References from our faculty

A key criteria of recruiting members for our faculty is that they are artists in their own right, mostly active as classical pianists. Below some artistic references of various types for your enjoyment - please contact us if you want more information on any of the below.

Sheet Music

In-Depth Tutorial of Scriabin's Étude op.8 No.12, by our Director, Sam Bidwell

See an in-depth tutorial and analysis of Scriabin's 12th étude in the opus 8 set created by our Director, Sam Bidwell, during the pandemic.

Sam and other members of the faculty offer similar sessions in online and in-person formats - see our coaching offerings below for more information and references.

Liszt's B minor Sonata - recorded by visiting Teacher and Master-Class leader M. Rembold

This is a reference recording - a newer recording also featuring Chopin Nocturnes can be purchased in CD form using the button below.

Mephisto Waltz Franz Liszt - by teacher Dilyana (Didi) Hristova

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