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Music Coaching Services

Alongside our lessons, the academy offers various coaching services around the piano. Our faculty have significant experience offering these services to private individuals, schools and higher education institutes as a third-party.  

At this time, we have the capacity to offer: 

- Master-Classes and/or Workshops in Classical Piano literature

- ABRSM, IB and Trinity examination training (for both students and teachers)

- Piano Competition training (we have particular expertise in classical literature)

- Private piano teaching substitutions (short-notice intervention is also possible)

- Teacher training workshops (e.g. for a particular teaching method, or for current teachers)

- Musical event management (past examples include running a music camp for an institution etc.)


Session location examples and references include:

- Various schools, institutions and with private individuals around Switzerland

- In Educational institutions in UK, France, South Africa, China and USA

- Online – see for example the tutorial on a Scriabin Étude done by our director on YouTube

- Please contact us for a list of institutions that have been clients of ours as we are unable to provide their names publicly on this website


Most sessions take require at least a four hour commitment from the part of the client, and are, whenever possible, held face-to-face.


Please contact us at first instance describing what coaching aspect you may like to undertake with us, and we will subsequently organise a non-binding call of 30 minutes with you to discuss your idea further.

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