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Fund - 'Amis de jeunes musiciens du Chablais'


In Switzerland, private music tuition can become a big investment for families. This is why we are one of the only academies in Switzerland to have a comprehensive scholarship scheme in place, that allows students of all backgrounds to receive lesson reductions anywhere between 10% and 100% off the usual lesson fee. 

Our scholarship scheme is funded by a separate and independent non-profit association called 'Amis des jeunes musiciens du Chablais'. It is 100% privately funded, and all proceeds go to supporting such reductions. We therefore kindly ask you to consider donating by bank transfer to continue to support our cause:

  • L'association des amis des jeunes musiciens du Chablais, 1882 Gryon, Vaud, Suisse

  • UBS Switzerland AG, 8098 Zurich - IBAN: CH96 0023 3233 3121 7440T;


Once you have donated, our fund team will let you know who your proceeds have gone towards, and how you have supported this student on their musical journey!

Below we have also included some references of scholars playing some repertoire.

Thanking you in advance for your support!

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